2012 Copenhagen

The 2012 State of Europe Forum was held in Copenhagen,on the theme: IS THE GAME OVER?

TWENTY YEARS have passed since Jacques Delors, as President of the European Commission, warned that if a soul for Europe–‘spirituality and meaning’–could not be found within the next decade, the game would be up. Europe’s current crises surely impel us to ask, is the game over?

Have we built on false foundations? What futures are possible for Europe? Can the past still offer options for the future?
Should the task of finding Europe’s soul be left to politicians? Who can articulate spirituality of unity with diversity, and meaning transcending mere material prosperity?
Surely the quest for Europe’s soul involves us all: educators, economists, social activists, church leaders, business leaders, artists, writers, journalists, academics, theologians… & politicians!

The 2012 forum was held in the Vartov, in central Copenhagen, to address these questions.

Plenary sessions and panels offered interaction with speakers and experts from various fields, while special interest groups allowed further discussion and formulation of strategic action.

Videos: State of Europe Forum 2012

• Keynote talk: Tunne Kelam, MEP Estonia -Is the game over?
Michael Schluter – Transforming capitalism from within;
• Evert van der Poll Educating about Europe and the Bible;
• Evert-Jan Ouweneel – The challenges and opportunities;
• David Fieldsend – Human rights issues;
• Harry Bryans – A generation with special challenges