Forum Programme: Friday May 10

Location: Parliamentary Palace – Human Rights Hall

Human Rights Hall, Parliamentary Palace

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Europe: our common heritage?

• Where do our European values come from?
• What heritage do  East and West share?  
• Do our national policies truly reflect European values?
• Do European values apply to migrants too?

What heritage do East and West share, and what differences cause misunderstandings?
Why do East and West see differently on issues such as migration and politics of sexuality?
Do Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant backgrounds make a difference?
The forum aims to offer a dialogue of listening and sharing leadng to understanding and cooperation. Is what we have in common greater than what separates us?
9.00 The first plenary session addresses why we celebrate Europe Day, and explores  our common heritage in Europe.
11.00 The second plenary session begins with a children’s choir as pupils from Cluj-Napoca sing ‘Ode to Joy’ in several languages, before they continue with their own ‘Schuman for kids’ programme, including the book launch of Father of Europe.
The session continues with the topic, Security through solidarity, exploring external and internal challenges. Defence Minister Gabriel-Beniamin Les will address this session.
Populism and the common good is the following topic, asking how to find a more inclusive identity and promote the ‘Spirit of Europe’ seeking the common good. Europe’s choice is between polarisation or solidarity.
After lunch there will be two seminar sessions, each with an choice of three topics.
14.00 A. The relevance of Robert Schuman today – can the 70-year old dream still pont the way forward?
          B. Migration and refugees – do European values apply to migrants too?
          C. Culture and memory – do we have a future without memory of the past?
15.30 A. The Eastern partnership and the future of Europe – despite Brexit, nations are lining up to join the EU. What could this mean for the future?
          B. Myths, symbols and nationalism – which myths and symbols have shaped European self-perception?
          C. Civil society, stand up! Europe’s future is too important to leave to politicians only. Restoring the soul of Europe is a task for the faith communities.

17.00 In the closing and third plenary session, well-known television presentor Sever Voinescu interviews guests in the known ‘Europa Christiana’ format picking up main themes of the forum. Special guests are Dr Petre Guran (RO), Institute of South-East European Studies; Prof. Piotr Mazurkiewicz (PL), Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski Universtiy, Warsaw; Prof Evert van de Poll, Evangelical Theological Faculty, Leuven (BE).

The inaugural presentation of the Schuman Award, in recognition of the contribution made towards promoting Schuman’s vision of a ‘community of peoples deeply rooted in Christian values’, will be the final event of the forum.